Al Azhar Tunnel - Cairo - Egypt

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The implementation of Al-Azhar Tunnels project for cars is considered one of the components of the project to develop the Fatimid Cairo region and its tourism development as one of the important archaeological areas in the history of Islamic Egypt, while protecting it from the effects of environmental, visual, and audio pollution arising from the various means of surface transportation.
The project consists of two parallel tunnels connecting downtown Cairo with the southern and northern regions. The length of each of the two tunnels is about 2.7 km with entrances and exits. One of the two TBMs was used in the construction of Cairo Metro Line 2 (CML2) with an internal diameter of 8.35 m.
The project includes several huge joint ventilation stations for the two tunnels in the areas of "Salah Salem – Al Hussein – Port Said and Al Attiya", emergency exits (slides) every 100 meters along the tunnel path, and a central control building in Jawhar Al Qaed area to control the operation and management of the two tunnels.
The two tunnels are equipped with firefighting systems, emergency platforms, monitoring systems, emergency telephones, and alarm devices.
The project was implemented in cooperation with a group of specialized French companies.