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Bahr Al Baqr Wastewater Treatment Plant

The project aims at the reclamation and cultivation of 400000 feddans approximately in Sinai. It is Joint Venture between the Arab Contractors Company and Orascom Construction for the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces – Military Works Department. It is the world largest wastewater treatment plant with productive capacity 5 million m3 /day.
Project components:
Canal of the water intake which should be treated. It extends from Bahr Al Baqr drain, El Salam siphon till the plant.
Outlet canal for the treated water from the treatment plant till Sheikh Jaber Lake.
4 main courses for wastewater treatment and sludge. It includes the pumping building of the water intake – rapid mixing basins – slow mixing basins – sedimentation basins – filters with discs – ozone basins – chloride tanks, treated water, sludge condensing basins – mechanical drying buildings – solar units for sludge drying and administrative area which includes (headquarter building – employers building – mosque – generators – workshops – chemicals – chloride – ozone) – interior roads networks and landscaping.
Total value implemented by the company is 152 million dollars.