Cairo Metro Line 2 - Egypt

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Line 2 importance is that it has not been built on a previous infrastructure, such as Line 1, and uses the most modern earthwork technology at this time, using giant drilling machines. The Nile crossing was built under the greater East Nile subbranch south of Qasr El Nil Bridge in front of the Semiramis Hotel, the West Nile branch, and Sheraton Cairo Hotel. It is a phenomenal achievement by all standards, carried out by the giant TBM "Nefertiti".
Line 2
It extends from Shoubra El Kheima Station in El Qalioupia Governorate to Dawahi El Giza Station in Giza Governorate, with a total length of 19 km and 18 stations. The line has 2 interchange stations with Line 1 at Al Shohadaa and Sadat stations. The line includes 6 km of at-grade and viaduct sections with 6 at-grade stations, cut-and-cover tunnels with a length of 9.5 km, and 10 underground stations, besides 2 interchange stations. In 2005, the metro extended to the south with a length of 2.60km. This included the construction of two at-grade stations: Sakiat-Mekky and El-Monib.
Line 2 implemented and opened in five phases:
Phase 1 (Shobra El Kheima – Ramses): 7.7 km. length – 8 underground stations – inaugurated in 1996.
Phase 2 (Ramses – El Tahir): 3 km. length – 3 underground stations – inaugurated in 1997.
Phase 3 (El Tahrir - Cairo University): 5.5 km long, 4 stations (3 underground stations - 1 at-grade station) opened in 1999.
Phase 4 (Cairo university – Om El Masryeen ): 2.7 km long, 3 at-grade stations opened in 2000.
Phase 5 (Om El Masryeen – El Mounib ) :2.6 km length – 2 at-grade stations – inaugurated in 2005.

Below is a list of works executed by the Arab Contractors Company:
2 tunnel boring machines (Bentonite TBM Slurry Shield) were used for the construction of the underground part with an internal diameter of 9.43m, the tunnel internal diameter reached 8.35 m using precast reinforced concrete with a 40cm thickness and 1.5m width. For the first time, the River Nile was crossed by a TBM underneath the Nile’s branches in El Gezira area, which is the location of Opera Station.