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Pyramids Plateau Groundwater Lowering Project - Egypt

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Client: The Executive Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation
Consultant: AECOM & ECG
Project value: 137 533 27 pounds

Project description:
1- Implementation of (14) new wells to reduce the groundwater level, which were increased to (16) wells
2- Disinfection and operation of (4) old wells, two of them were converted to new wells
3- Construction of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) expulsion line of approximately 2.5 km length to drain wells water on the covered drainage of Mansourieh Canal
4- Implementation of the necessary industrial work to drain the water into the covered drainage of the Mansourieh Canal at the end of the expulsion line
5- Construction of a building to control pumps consisting of (3) rooms
6- Establishment of the necessary valve chambers above all wells and on the path of the expulsion line

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