Atfeeh Wastewater Plant - Egypt

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Starting date: March1, 2006.
Expected completion date: March 31, 2024.
Owner: The Construction Authority for Potable Water and Wastewater (CAPW).
The main contractor: The Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & CO.) - Helwan Branch.
Owner Consultant: Misr Consult Integrated Engineering Studies (Dr. Sameh Abdel Gawad).
Company Consultant: Future Consult.

Project Description:

Gravity Sewers:
clay pipes with fixed and flexible connections with a total length of 32 km, starting with a diameter of175 up to 900 mm from clay pipes, UPVC, HDPE, and concrete pipes.

Main Lifting Stations:
drainage of 34,000 m3per day.

Force mains:
GRP pipes of diameter 800 mm with a length of 12 km and cast iron pipes of diameter 800 mm with a length of1.3 km (the connection between the lifting and the treatment stations)
Cast iron pipes with a diameter of 700 mm (the connection between the purified water station and the equalization tanks) and a length of 2.488 km.

The treatment plant with system oxidation ponds covers an area of 276 feddan
The area of the forest is 3000 feddan;
the capacity is 34000 m3/day for the year 2025, 46000 m3/day for the year 2050: it includes water buildings and modular buildings.

2 equalization tanks, 116 * 116 m; the capacity of each tank is 60000 m3.

Ongoing Projects