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Rod El-Farag Axis "Tahya Masr Bridge" - Egypt

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The Client: Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces "Military Engineers Department"
The Consultant: Moharam-Bakhoum Arab Consultants Engineers ACE
The Contractor: The Arab Contractors Company "Osman Ahmed Osman & Co."

Project Description:
Rod El Farag Axis project is considered one of the important projects of the national roads network to transport the traffic congestion coming from east of Cairo to Alexandria Desert Road, Matrouh and El Alamein without passing through the heart of Cairo. It starts from the Teraat Ismailia street through Shubra Al Mazalat till the west of the Ring Road in the direction of Alexandria desert road K39 crossing the River Nile.
The axis includes 6 outlets and outlets in El Mazalat; and 8 inlets and outlets to connect with the Ring Road and a bridge on the West of the Nile, 400m length, 50m width and 14m height from the surface of the water and the width of the opening of the navigation of 120m, allowing the passage of floating hotels and was established by the system of moving vehicles. It is recorded in Guinness World Record as the World Widest Cable Stayed Bridge; in terms of width 67.3m in the middle and the largest navigational slot across the Nile, where the width of the opening of the navigation is up to 300m, its pillars reached 100m and load capacity 120 tons.

Statistics data about the works executed by the AC:
• The total length including the crossovers, inlets and outlets is 12km.
• The total amount of the concrete is 1million m?.
• The total amount of the steel is 28 thousand tons.
• The piles total no. 6004 with diameter varied from 80cm to 2m.
• 432 bases
• 1908 pillars
• Total no. Horizontal beams over the columns is 432.
• Precast beam total no. 2830.
• Higher Steel structure for the eastern side of the River Nile weight7000tons.
• Cables stayed 1500 tons
• Steel bracing total no. is 11 with total length varied from 32 to 62 m,and weight 15 thousand tons.

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