Taha Hussien Bridge - Egypt

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The Arab Contractors Company under the supervision of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority – Military Engineers Department implemented Taha Hussein Bridge.

The project represents an important traffic artery that it connects El-Mokattam Hill with Autostrad Road and Al-Hadara Axis, which facilitates access from El-Mokattam to Nile Corniche, Misr Al Qadima, and West Nile and links with the Ring Road within a few minutes.
The bridge's implementation comes within the state’s plan to establish new axes that facilitate the movement of vehicles and reduce time and fuel consumption.
Taha Hussein Bridge represents a unique engineering work in the field of bridge construction. It was built in only 9 months of continuous work. Its height reaches 50 meters at El-Mokattam Hill, which required the use of modern implementation methods and special equipment such as giant cranes whose loads reach 800 tons.
The project faced many challenges, including the nature of the rocky soil, the height of the columns, and the use of the most suitable methods for installing pre-tensioned beams at such a great height.
The length of the bridge is 960 meters in one direction, and its average width is about 30 meters in both directions.
3 loading experiments were carried out for the bridge, and it was taken into account to conduct tests on all components of the project, including reinforcing steel and concrete, under the supervision of major laboratories in Egyptian governmental universities to ensure the quality of implementation.
The quantities of reinforced concrete used in the project reached about 70,000 m3 and about 30,000 tons of reinforcing steel.