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26th of July New Axis (Al-Barageel Sector) - Egypt

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Owner: Armed Forces Engineering Authority.
Consultant: SAAD International Consultant Engineers (SICE).
Main Contractor: The Arab Contractors Company, "Osman Ahmed Osman & Co."—Bridges and Specialized Structures Department.
Work Value: LE 9 billion.
Project Description: Construction of Ahmed Orabi Axis from its intersection with 26th of July Axis until Sphinx Square, with a total length of 20.2km. It includes:
The 2nd sector:
Ahmed Orabi Axis (Al Barageel – Orabi) from its intersection with 26th of July Axis passing through Ezbet Al Barageel, the Ring Road, and Kamal Amer Axis until its intersection with Ahmed Orabi Street. The existing bridge is 4km length, by adding the loops and ramps with a length of 4.7km, the total length reached 13km and a width of 6 lanes for each direction.
The 3rd sector:
Ahmed Orabi Axis (Orabi - Sphinx) from Ahmed Orabi Street till Sphinx Square It consists of a surface road with a length of 1.5 km and a width of 6 lanes in each direction.
The 4th sector:
Expansion of 15th of May Bridge with a length of 3km, surface roads with a length of 2.7 km; thus, the total length reached 5.7km and a width of 5 lanes for each direction.
Project in brief:
The construction of an alternative axis for 26th of July Axis in Al-Barageel district, with a width of 45m and a length of 1200m, includes 41 axes.
-AXES A8 ~ A44

Each slab has 14 precast beams; the length of the slab is 30m, using the method of bored piles with a dimension of 80cm for the abutment and 150cm for the main axes.

Ongoing Projects