Bani Mazar Bridge - Egypt

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Bani Mazar Bridge is the most important project in Upper Egypt and it’s a freeway links Red Sea Governorate with Upper Egypt governorates through El Sheikh Fadl/Ras Gharb road (East Nile), passing Bani Mazar city to Cairo / Aswan Agricultural road (West Nile), Extended to Cairo/ Assuit/Suhag western desert road and it contains the following:
1.Main Bridge over Nile with length 800m & width 21m and it has 2 lanes in each direction without pavements with width 2.5m for each direction.
2.The Upper Bridge over Cairo/Aswan western agricultural railway with total length 1260m and width 21m including ramps.
3.The Upper Bridge over Cairo/Assuit eastern desert road with length 220m and width 21m.
4.3 tunnels at crossing the project's entrance with the regional roads.
5.The paved entrances works with length 11km.