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The Upgrading Works of Cairo International Stadium - Egypt

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The project includes the upgrading works of Cairo International Stadium and the construction of a road connecting Al Fangari Street and Youssef Abbass Street to facilitate traffic and ease access to the stadium.
Besides, the creation of new areas and the development of the stadium’s facilities, which will be used for reception and hospitality, as well as changing some areas, adding new changing rooms and accomplishing the requirements of the African Union in the stadium.
The ongoing works are: the installation of numbered seats, a range of display screens and the maintenance of the main display screen. The decoration for the entrance to the VIP cabin has been changed and developed. The stadium seaside gate was changed, currently the revising works for the networks of the electronic gates is undergoing; in addition to the completion of upgrading the lighting, developing the Wi-Fi network inside the stadium and the media area. Besides, the infrastructure works in general especially water and wastewater.
The accomplishment of all works is carried out with the highest efficiency and on time; consequently, Cairo International Stadium will be a cultural front for the championship and reflecting the development which Egypt is witnessing nowadays in different fields. The completion of all works will be by the end of this May.

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