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The Indoor Sports Hall Complex - Cairo - Egypt

Sports Buildings   ::  Completed Projects   ::  1991  ::  

Value:L.E. 248 million
Completion: September 1991
This sports establishment is the achievement of the age that is matched by similar ones in the highly advanced countries. The company took the challenge to implement it in a record time of a year and a half.
The complex is erected on 70 acres, of which 60.000 square meters are for the establishments, the most important are:-
The Main Hall
the first of its kind in Africa and the Middle East and the third internationally. Accommodating 20.000 spectators, it is circular of 120meters internal diameter and 39.5meters high. So, it can hold all kinds of Olympic competitions plus international conferences, partied and fairs and the hall is equipped with all necessary utilities and services, for players, referees, administrators and spectators. It comprises a main compartment, some VIP salons, 62 cabins for mass media, stores, lecture halls, meeting rooms, administration for the building with communications and simultaneous interpretation facilities, security and control rooms, lighting and acoustics operation and control rooms, an emergency and physiotherapy clinic, a billiard hall and a photographic laboratory.
The Training Halls
Three circular halls, one of them of 50 meters internal diameter, accommodating 1500 spectators, has a restaurant below the auditoriums to serve the players, a main kitchen; equipped with modern equipment and utilities including 24 cabins for the mass media and two 40 meters internal diameter halls, each accommodating 750 spectators with 19 cabins for mass media each.
Service Towers
Eight buildings, each consisting of 3 floors:
The first floor
for the players (W.Cs, showers, changing rooms, sauna, physiotherapy, etc.)
The medium floor:
for the spectators (W.Cs, cafeterias, buffet, potable water units, etc.)
The upper floor:
for the mass media people, referees and administrators.
The Distribution Halls
These are the binding halls surrounding the main hall and joining all the units together consisting of three floors, comprising a gymnasium, administrative offices, stores, maintenance workshops, machines rooms and audience passages.
The Hockey Stadium
It is one of the best stadiums internationally, designed and constructed by the company over 9 acres, the stadium accommodates 12.000 spectators. The playground is 92 meters long, 55 meters wide and covered with a 12 millimeters thick tartan layer imported from Germany. There is a completer sewage network below the playground beside a surface drainage for the rain water.
The Circular Domes
The 19.000 square meters four halls were ceiled according to the most recent style, used for the first time in Egypt and the whole world, to cover such areas without piers in the middle. The ceiling is of a dome shape, composed of 4 layers of solid and highly resistant steel, shaped like a bicycle’s wheel, all pretension on a concrete upper circular beam having the same diameter as the hall. The beam supports on the concrete frames of the main hall, which in turn support on mechanical foundations of piles with a large diameter. The circular beam is a connected ring with no separations, in it there is a gargoyle to drain the rains and the washing water, its circumference is 380 meters long (36 and 28 meters high from the ground level, it weights 18 tons per meter run, as for the medium and the small halls, the beam carrying the dome supports on the concrete columns.