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Development of the Oases Road in 6 October City - Egypt

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The project objective is to develop the main axes to 6 October City, it is divided into 3 main sections and the Arab Contractors Company will implement the second sections through the Development Authority of 6th October City. The project includes the followings: 

- The construction of the service road on both sides of Oases Road; it is 30km length and 15m width. The U-turn bridges. 
- The intersection no. 2 which includes the construction of 6 bridges to cancel the intersection in the Oasis turntable. Intersection no. 2 has 2 bridges perpendicular to two levels:

The First Bridge: 
It is on Dahshour Southern Road to link the Middle Ring Road of 6 October with Rod El Farag Axis, It serves the traffic of cars in the customs area in the industrial zone.

The Higher Bridge: 
It is on Oases Road to transfer it into free road (Fayoum-Oases) consequently it will ease the traffic to Oases Road. 

- Besides, the construction of a square on the Oases turntable to facilitate the U-turn and solve the intersection problem between Dahshour Road and Oases Road.
- In addition to the lighting works, the paving and Pedestrians Bridges.

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