Towers of New El Alamein City - Egypt

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The North Coast area witnesses unprecedented development with the emerging of New El Alamein City the recent of the 4th generation cities which will be Egypt Gate to Africa.
The most prominent projects which executed by the Arab Contractors Company in the New El Alamein City is the construction of 3 towers in the coastal area of the city with a total area about 40000m2.
Each tower consists of a basement, a ground floor, mezzanine, 38 typical floors. The total area of each floor is about 1450m. The 3 towers are connected by a podium which consists of 5 floors used for commercial purposes. The towers are surrounded by 3 industrial lakes pouring into the Mediterranean Sea through 3 boughs. There are pedestrian bridges which pass over it and other for the cars to avoid hindering the movement in the touristic walkway which passes in front of the car park.
It is a noteworthy that the total amount of the reinforced concrete for the 3 towers reached about 100000 m3 and reinforced iron is about 20000 ton.

Ongoing Projects