New Administrative Capital - Egypt

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Client: Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities
Consultant: JV (Urban Development – 5 UDC – Engineering Consultancy Sector – Central Lab Sector)
Contractors: The Arab Contractors Company "Osman Ahmed Osman & Co."

The New Administrative Capital is located at the east of Cairo, due to its distinguished location and near to Suez Canal region, regional roads and main axes, in order to develop Cairo into a leading political, cultural and economic center for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through a prosperous economic environment supported by various economic activities, as it is close to the promising new development areas, and the target population during the first phase is about 0.5 million people, in addition to 40000 to 50000 government employees who will be transferred to the new headquarters, with plans to increase the capacity to 100 thousand employees after the first three years.
The city's design was taken into account to be a green city - sustainable in energy and waste recycling – pedestrians and piking walkways - housing and living - a city connected to all means of smart transportation; a smart city that provides all its services electronically; and finally, a financial and business center that serves Greater Cairo and Suez region.

Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque
It is considered one of the largest mosques in the Middle East, with a total area of about 106 feddan, equivalent to 450,000 square meters, and can accommodate 17,000 people. The courtyard of the mosque can accommodate 6,300 people, and the outer prayer yard can accommodate 3,400 people. It includes 2 Quran memorization houses, a library, 5 administrative offices, the generator chamber, 2 control rooms for electricity, the stores, and a conference room for 40 people.
Project Description:
The main dome is the first dome to be implemented in the Middle East, with a diameter of 33 m and a height of 42 m. The floor of the mosque is covered from the outside with GRC, resistant to weather conditions, and from the inside with fire-resistant GRP, engraved with Islamic drawings. The mosque also includes a water tank with a capacity of 3000 m3 and another for firefighting with a capacity of 3000 m3, a sewage network with a length of 2 km, a feeding network with a length of 2 km, a fire network with a length of 2 km, and an electricity network with a length of about 20 km. The funeral walkway to honor the martyrs and VIPs is designed in Pharaonic style.

Infrastructure projects for the first priority areas:
Implementation of the infrastructure and utilities for the first priority areas of the New Administrative Capital on an area of ??550 feddan in the Governmental District, in addition to infrastructure works for 1,700 feddan in the investment area in the Business District. It consists of water, wastewater, irrigation, electricity, telecommunications, and civil works, in addition to road works, which reach 1.3 million meters. The volume of work reached LE 812 million.

The Residential District:
It is the implementation of 78 buildings in the Residential District, divided into 2 phases. The first phase consists of 44 buildings and includes "1408" units. The second phase consists of 34 buildings and includes "1032" units. Each building consists of a basement, a ground floor, and 8 floors; each unit ranges between 110 and 180 meters of the above-average, "distinguished" housing units, in addition to the implementation of about 6 kilometers of internal roads in the residential district.
Water Accumulation Station:
Execution of a Water Accumulation Station to supply the New Administrative Capital with water. It includes the water station and the conveyor line from the 10th of Ramadan to the pumping station, which pumps water for a distance of 17 km, through lines of flexible cast iron pipes with a diameter of 1000 mm, in addition to 5 strategic tanks.

The Parliament Building:
The project was built upon ??26 feddan, consisting of: the main building on an area of ??13,000 meters, consisting of (basement - ground floor - 8 typical floors), 2 domes with a diameter of 52 and 57 m, a number of service buildings, and a main hall that accommodates 1,000 parliamentarians. The building also includes 10 halls that include: a media center, an information center, and a museum. The works also include external walls, green areas, and a number of entrances and exits.

The Senate Building:
The new headquarters will be built on a total area of ??33,000 square meters, and it consists of a ground floor, 3 typical floors, a main hall accommodates 406 deputies, salons, suites, balconies for VIP visitors, media professionals, and journalists, and a large meeting hall with a capacity of 50 people. The building includes a number of administrative offices, general committees, a media center, a printing press, information and computer center, an emergency clinic, a restaurant, and garages that accommodate up to 250 cars.

Egypt's Islamic Cultural Center "Misr Mosque":
The Egyptian Islamic Cultural Center is one of the most important projects in the New Administrative Capital, and "Misr Mosque" is one of the largest mosques in the world, as the mosque accommodates 107 thousand people and its minarets reach 140 meters high. It also includes a group of huge halls for celebrations, events, and memorizing the Qur’an for men, women, and children, a shopping center, a parking, and a multi-storey garage with a capacity of 3,000 cars.

The Central Park in the New Administrative Capital, "The Green River":
The Central Park represents the spirit of Egyptian civilization and will be the link between a series of smart urban neighborhoods, as its length reaches more than 10 km, and its area exceeds 1000 feddan of green areas, lakes, playgrounds, bicycle paths, restaurant complexes, recreational areas, and 288 feddan of future investment projects, which makes it one of the largest parks around the world. It includes 1800000 m3 cutting work and 300000 m3 of filling work, in addition to leveling works, the construction of main and secondary roads and networks for utilities, construction and cultivation works. The park includes a number of gardens, clubs, resorts, lakes, restaurants, and celebration areas.

The new headquarters of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt:
The project is built on a total area of 9305.64 m2, and it consists of 2 basements, a ground floor, 5 floors, and a roof.

Ongoing Projects