New Administrative Capital

Client: Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities
Consultant: JV (Urban Development – 5 UDC – Engineering Consultancy Sector – Central Lab Sector)
Contractors: The Arab Contractors Company "Osman Ahmed Osman & Co."

Project Description :
The New Capital is located between Greater Cairo and the Suez Canal near the regional ring road and Cairo-Suez road. It is planned to be the headquarters of the parliament, the presidency and major ministries, as well as foreign embassies. The project also includes a main park and an international airport. The project is located on a total area of 170 thousand feddans, and all works are carried out according to the best quality and international standards to provide residents with a high standard of living and developed to express Egypt's future.

The company is implementing the infrastructure and facilities for the first priority areas of the New Administrative Capital built upon 550 feddans. The project scope of works: water and wastewater networks, irrigation, electricity, communications and civil works, in addition to the implementation of 78 buildings in the residential district, Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque and the parliament building, 1.3 million m².
* The residential district implementation is divided into 2 phases the first is 44 buildings "1408" unit and the second includes 34 buildings "1032" units ranging from 110 meters to 180 meters of the type of housing units above the average "distinct" Each building consists of basement and ground and 4 floors in addition to Implementation of about 6 kilometers of internal roads in the residential area.

El Takdees Plant :
The construction of El Takdees plant which will feed this compound with the water; including the water station and the transfer pipeline from 10 Ramadan City to the pumping station which pumps the water for 17km through ductile pipes 1000mm diameter. 

The Mosque:
It is including: a basement on total area 6325m² which comprising men oratory (accommodates 1200 prayers) – women oratorty (accommodate 300 prayers) – 2 men ablutions – 2 women ablutions – Museum of the Heavenly Messages 340m² - Quraan Memorization House 100m² - Medical Unit 660 m² - mosque's nave on total area 6325m² accommodates 6300 prayers – 6 entries – 1 aside entry for the women oratory on the First Floor – external courtyard for praying built upon 3400m² accommodates 3400 prayers.

Parliament Building:
The project is built upon 109 thousands m², it is consisting of: a main building accommodates 1000 parliamentarian and 3800 employees and will be furnished and equipped according to the high standards of the modern governmental buildings. It is including: a basement + a ground floor + 8 typical floors + a dome with 50m diameter and a garage built on 40 thousands m on two levels which accommodates 1500 cars and services (a mosque which accommodates 300 prayers – hospital with a capacity 50 beds – firefighting station – civil and real estate registrar for employees - a building dealing with the public - walls length 1400 m long - 8 entrances - front fountain). The project is characterized that all the used materials are local manufacturing and equipped with the latest systems of lighting, alarm, fire –fighting and central air conditioning. 
* The total amount of drilling in the project (320,000 m3), including about (160.000 m3) rock and total concrete quantities of the project 180 thousand m 3 and the total iron reinforcement about 36 thousand tons of iron.