Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque - Egypt

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The mosque is located on the New Middle Ring Road and it is considered one of the mega mosques worldwide.
The total capacity of the mosque and the praying area in the basement and the outdoor prayer space is 17000 persons. 
It is built upon a total area of 106 feddans (445.5 thousands m2).
Fencing works: total length of  3150 ml.
The minarets: it is according to the Fatimid style, its total number 4 minarets with 95m height without the crown and the crescent; it is equivalent to 31 floors in height and each minaret has 4 balconies. The minarets are topped with stainless steel crescents treated with PVD to give it the golden brightful color with a height 4.5m.
The total number of domes is 21 dome varied in height and diameter as follows:
A main dome: 33m diameter, 44m height and total weight 5000 ton.
4 secondary domes: 11.75 diameter, 9m height  topping the mosque's ceil, 24m higher than the mosque's surface level. Beneath the secondary domes there are 4 domes from the stained glass.
6 domes above the entries: 7.5m diameter, 7m height above the entry ceil and 19m from the floor surface, beneath them there are 6 domes from the stained glass.
10 domes above the gates of the walls: 5m diameter, 3.10m height and a total solid height 15m from the bottom.
The mosque nave is 6325m2 which accommodates for 6300 prayers with 5 main entrances in addition to 2 entrances for women. In addition to these, there is the outdoor prayer space built upon 3400m2 and accommodates 3400 persons.
The mosque includes 2 Quraan memorization houses for boys and girls on 340m2, a library on 395m2, the administrative offices, the generator chamber, 2 control rooms for electricity, the stores, the conference room for 40 persons equipped with 94 WCs for men and women and a water tank with a capacity of 3500m3.

Achievement Records:

  • Total excavation quantity in the work site is 140000m3 – total concrete amount is 71000 m3.
  • Total of the iron weight is 10.429 ton.
  • Total of the marble surfaces is 37.825 m2.
  • GRC total is 15.7m2
  • GRP total is 4000m2 – electric cables with a total length 80km approx.
  • Total number of domes is 13 domes; the mosque has 25 windows from CNC from the reflective glass in the ordinary wall and 48 windows with metal frames and stained glass in the columns.
  • Total 6 million working hours which is equivalent to 2000 workers on 2 working shifts/day.
  • The equipment used in the project: 6 tower cranes with a height more than 100m to serve the minarets and domes, 2 cranes with a capacity of 100 ton to lift the metal forms, 8 cranes with a capacity of 60 ton for walls and roofs,2 bulldozers, 9 loaders, 3 tippers, 3 mini loaders to speed the movement and the handling, a main pump and another spare one, provision of the reinforced concrete from 2 concrete mix plant in the New Administrative Capital which belongs to the Ready Mix Concrete working for 24 hours.

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