June 11, 2018

Gen. Kamel El Wazir Follow Up the Work Progress in Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque in the New Administrative Capital

Gen. Kamel ElWazir – Head of the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces, Gen. Hassan Abdel Shafy – Managing Director of the Military Engineers Department and a number of the Engineering Authority Leaders toured Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque in the New Administrative Capital, to follow up the ongoing finishing works and discuss the work scope. This was in the presence of Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman,Eng. Sayed Farouk – Senior Vice Chairman, Eng. Imam Afifi – Vice Chairman, Eng.Ahmed Abbass – Board Member, Eng. Mofida Allam – the AC Consultant for Roads and the Supervisor of the AC Labs Sector, Eng. Osama Kamal and Eng. Khaled Eissa – the Members of the Executive Council of the AC, Eng. Tarek Khedr – Headof Construction and Specialized Works, Eng. Mahmoud El Sharnouby – Head of Sector for Electromechanical Projects, Eng. Mohamed El Sheikh – Cairo Branch Manager,Eng. Ali Abdel Samd – Manager of Civil Works, Eng. Salam Rashad – Manager of Electomechanical Department for Public Buildings and Utilities, Eng. Tarek Marzouk – Manager of the Sanitation and Finishing Works, Eng. Mohamed Youssef –Supervisor of the Electrical Works, Eng. Mohamed Khedr – Manager of the Electrical Works, Eng. Mohammed Osama – Deputy Manager of Cairo Branch and Eng.Hany Maher – the Project Manager. Eng. Ahmed Abbass– Board Member declared that 75% of the work of Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque has been completed and the finishing works is ongoing to finalize the interior finishing, minarets and domes of the mosque. The Mosque includes a basement built upon 6325 m? and a ground floor including the mosque nave on 6325 m which accommodates for 6300 prayers – 6 entrances – aside entry for the women praying area on the First floor – external praying area 3400 m 2 accommodates 3400 prayers, men praying area (1200 prayers); women praying area (300 prayers), 2 ablutions for men and the same for women; Heavenly Messages Museum, Quraan Memorization House, a medical care unit. In addition to these, the mosque includes 4 minarets with 90 m height for each one, a main dome for the mosque nave 33 m diameter - 28 m height, 4 secondary domes for the mosque nave 12,5m diameter - 10 m height.

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