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Mosheer Tantawy Mosque - Tagmoaa El Khamis - Egypt

Religious Buildings   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2015  ::  

The mosque is considered an artistic architectural masterpiece regarding its design and construction built upon 8 thousand m² with a capacity of 3000 prayers. It is including 2 conventions halls accommodates 1250 persons, in addition to 5 sub- halls which accommodates 1300 persons; a basement for 300 cars and parking, services and ceremony area, greenery landscape, 3 entries and 2 minarets with 68m height executed with slip forms method, a main dome 18m diameter, 9m height and 3 sub domes. 

In addition to these, the AC installed a central air-conditioning in the mosque nave and the oratory for men and women, fire alarm system connected with the air conditioning unit and interior and exterior lighting works for the mosque.