March 25, 2018

Friday Praying in EL Fattah El Aleem Mosque - New Administrative Capital

General Hassan Abdel Shafy –Manager of the Military Engineers Department performed Friday Prayer in El Fatah El Aleem Mosque which executed by the Engineering Authority for the Military Forces.


The worshipers began to recite verses from the Holy Quran delivered by Sheikh Sameh Al-Rizqi. The congregation listened to the sermon delivered by Sheikh Ali Al-Mutai'i – Imam of  the Arab Contractors Club's Mosque where he discussed the creation of positive as a behavior as a great asset of Islam. Besides, the responsibility for his religion, homeland; contribute to its construction and stability; progress in work and to be a positive active member. Also addressed the difference between positive and negative, noting that the positive means constructive and negative means demolition. Major General Hassan Abdel Shafy delivered a speech after the end of the prayer on the subject of the speech and stressed the need for everyone to be positive in his work and in his life. He urged the workers to strive until the end of the project to become the largest mosque in Egypt. Eng. Mofida Allam was the first woman to pray in the mosque.


It is a noteworthy that the mosque is accommodating 12 thousands prayers, it includes: a basement comprising the men praying area (1200 prayers); women praying area (300 prayers), 2 ablutions for men and the same for women; Heavenly Messages Museum, Quraan Memorization House,  a medical care unit, a ground floor including: (a praying area for 6300 prayers – 6 entrance – aside entry for the women praying area on the First floor – 4 minarets with 90m height for the minaret and the basic dome with 33m diameter, height 28m – 4 secondary domes"12,5m diameter – 10m height" - Fences 2000ml.


Read more at :Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque

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