May 13, 2018

President Al Sisi Touring El Fatah El Aleem Mosque in the New Administrative Capital

President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi expressed his happiness while touring the New Administrative Capital. The president pointed out through his page on the social media that he was very pleased with the great achievement made by the Egyptian hands in the New Administrative Capital. The President visited El Fatah El Aleem Mosque and toured the housing projects and the ministerial complex in the capital. Gen. Kamel Al Wazir confirmed that El Fatah El Aleem Mosque will serve 12,300 mosques and it will be for the state equipped with all requirements either for praying, ceremonies or official funerals. Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman said that El Fatah El Aleem Mosque is implemented under the supervision of the Engineering Authority for the Military Forces on 29 acres, equivalent to 121.8 thousand m?, and located at the end of the New Administrative Capital from Suez-Soukhna Road or the Southern Al Tasaini Street in New Cairo. The work launched on it since President Al Sisi announced the construction of a mosque and a church in Egypt on January 2017.
It is a noteworthy that the mosque includes: a basement built upon 6325m? comprising the men praying area (1200 prayers); women praying area (300 prayers), 2 ablutions for men and the same for women; Heavenly Messages Museum 340m?, Quraan Memorization House 100m?,  a medical care unit 660m?, the mosque nave built upon 6325m? accommodates for 6300 prayers – 6 entrances – aside entry for the women praying area on the First floor – external praying area 3400m? accommodates 3400 prayers.

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