New Assiut Barrage - Egypt

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Owner: Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources - Reservoirs and Grand Barrages Sector (RGBS)
Contractors: Egyptian-French Joint Venture (EFNAB- JV ) between Vinci (France), the Arab Contractors Company and Orascom (Egypt)
The project of New Assiut Barrage is considered the great water passage on the River Nile after the High Dam. It is one of the projects which executed by the state to organize the water management in the agriculture and irrigation field and serve 5 Upper Egypt governorates.

The project scope of work:
- Sluiceway with 8 radial gates 17 m wide and 13.5 m high.
- A hydropower plant with 4 turbines and a capacity of 32MW
-Upper bridge over the new barrage with capacity 70 tons to link the East and West banks of the River Nile in Assiut (Width 14m – 4 lanes)
- 2 navigation locks with a total length 217m including 2 navigation chambers (156m length* 17m width) with the less filling emptying time "11 minutes".
- A rock fill dam on the left side, it is consisting of rock barriers and upon it the generator plant, connection with the network and the pumping building.
- Ancillary buildings on the right side includes: the administrative building – a mosque – treatment plant – water tanks.
- Landscaping: walls – custody tower - gates –roads – agriculture coordination.
- The protection works of the River Nile and the slopes in front and back of the project in addition to the dredging, cut and filling works.

Project in Figures:
- Grout curtains 98.000 m2
- Cut-off walls under the structures 18.200 m2
- Piles 7.250 m
- Concrete 430.000 m3
- Reinforced Iron 63.000 ton
- Roads 52.300 m2
- Dredging 1.350.000 m3
- Dry excavation 1.000.000 m3
- Filling works 3.100.000 m3
- Pitching and protection works by rocks 560.000 m3
- Groundwater drainage 360.000.000 m3

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