Salhia Agro-Industrial Projects - Egypt

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This is the first Agro-industrial project in Egypt, of total area amounting to 56.500 acres, which was a desert area before. The area located among the governorates: Cairo, Ismailia and Sharkia is composed of two major parts:
Salhia 23000 acres.
The Youth province 33500 acres.
The whole project has been designed by Egyptian Consultant Engineers Company ( established by The buildings took 4452 acres and the rest, which is 52.048 acres, was for the agricultural project.
In one year, a national project to plant one million trees surrounding the apparatuses, has been completed, in the form of 6000 trees around each apparatus thus utilizing its capacity without any increase in costs. The production of these trees yields four million pounds annually.
El Ismailia Canal, where 12 pumping stations were built in 60 days, is considered the main source of water supply to the project. To save time, some of the pumps were transferred by air. The concrete used in the construction of the pumping stations is 77000 cubic meters.
Roads Networks
Main and subsidiary roads serve the pipes, pumps and electricity of the project for reclamation and cultivation.
The length of asphalted road is 36 km, 7m wide, apart from the piers.
The length of subsidiary gravel ground roads is 200km, 6m wide.
An elevated road was constructed to link the Youth Province with Salhia. Internal roads of 50km length, for Salhia were built by the company.
Productive Greenhouse
On an area of 2.2 acres, 22 productive greenhouse were built, each of 474 square meters.
Four dairies have been constructed, each of a capacity of 1250 milch cows, each dairy produces five million liters of milk annually. Two mechanical milking, breeding and fattening lots, with a capacity of 3000 heads, have also been built.
A factory of dairy products has been established. It is worth mentioning, that the mechanical milking of the project, are considered the second of its type in the world, each can milk 32 cows every 10-12 minutes.
Poultry Production
Three egg-stations were completed. The three stations are producing 90 million eggs per annum.
Agricultural Equipment
The company has found it feasible to resort to full mechanization, starting with land preparation and up to the final harvesting and gathering. This has resulted in higher production and less costs. In addition, efficiency was finally achieved.
Vegetables and Fruits Grading and Packing Station
the trading administration supervises the packing and exporting operations. There is a station for packing agricultural products supplied to local and international markets. Following the most advanced methods of packing.