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New Lock at km 100 on El-Nubaria Canal - Egypt

Agriculture & Irrigation   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2013  ::  

The construction of new lock at km 100 on El-Nubaria Canal.
The project total value: EGP 321.5 million.
The Client: General Authority for Transportation.
Execution Period: 36 months.
Project Description
1 - the new lock, which is composed of the forward and backward basins: 120 m length for each (starting from the gates) and 17 m width. Besides; 3 electrical gates - dryers and its warehouses. The lock is executed within the body of the lock hole from Diaphragm Walls.
2 - Automated control building for the new navigation lock on the left bank of the canal.
3 - navigation canal 750 m length, including entrances and exits to and from El Nubaria canal (in front of and behind the El Nahda current Lock) the bottom width is not less than 35 m.
4 - Modify the course of infrastructure networks (water - drainage - electricity - telephone ... etc.) that contradict the general planning of the project taking into account the coordination with the responsible authorities of such networks.
5 - Modify the bath of the agriculture wastewater to the agricultural areas, to balance the water level with El Nubaria canal in front of the new lock.
6 - Higher bridge of 70 tons connecting the left and right banks of El Nubaria canal, about 790 m before the bridge of El Nahda lock and 10m width.
7 - Taraki area for river navigation units on the left of El Nubaria canal in front of the new lock and behind El Nahda lock 150m length and 25m width and 2.50m draft and the installation of an appropriate number of bollards and signs.
8 - Protection zone (400m length approx.)on the left bank of El Nubaria canal, in front of the new lock and behind El Nahda lock implemented using Diaphragm Walls.
9 - Modify the route of the road network in the project area in accordance with the drawings.
10 - Electromechanical works required for the project.