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Restoration of Mar Gerges Church in Misr El Qadima - Egypt

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The Arab Contractors Company awarded the prize of the best international restoration project for its distinguished role in restoring Mar Gerges Church in Misr El Qadima, which is according to the ranking of ENR in 2017. 
The project's execution period was 30 months using the latest technologies merged with the Egyptian experience. The restoration works was divided into 3 aspects.
The first aspect:
was the architectural restoration which includes the internal and external stone, flooring, marble, modern painting, ancient and modern wood and the adobe.
The Second aspect :
is the structural restoration which includes the straps around the church, the dome, the cracks and its injection and reinforcement of the main 8 columns using FRP and treatment of the concrete slabs of the church floor.
The Third aspect:
is the meticulous restoration and included the icons and walls of the dome.
It is noteworthy that during the restoration process the teamwork while removing one of the mosaic slabs, they discovered an ancient floor beneath it, which requires the surveying works and documentation of this ancient floor and the necessary restoration of it. For the First time in Africa and Middle East the AC used the Carbon Fiber plates for the restoration works of this project which imported from Swiss.

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