Abdeen Palace - Egypt

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Abdeen Palace is located in the center of Cairo. It was established by Khedive Ismail. Assign-Related to Abdin Bey, one of the Turkish officers. He owned a house in this place. Khedive Ismail bought it after the death of its owner, and annexed hundreds of acres and ordered the construction of this palace to be the seat of government, and the palace is the first beginning for the emergence of modern Cairo. The palace includes 500 rooms, a library with more than 55 thousand books, the most important of which is the White Salon, King Farouk’s office room, the Suez Canal salon, the Byzantine hall, the throne hall, a dining hall, the billiard room donated by Empress Eugenie to Khedive Ismail, and the Haramlek suite, which includes a group From antiques, statues, carpets and watches decorated with gold, in addition to the King Farouk Pavilion, the Queen Farida Pavilion, and the Crown Prince Pavilion, and in the palace there are three museums: the Abdeen Palace Military Museum, the Museum of Gifts of former President Hosni Mubarak, and the Silver Museum, which includes the holdings of the Muhammad Ali family, which was established during the era of Blessing. Although it is the smallest of the palaces in terms of space, it is the most important of them from a historical and official point of view, as Egypt was ruled from it during the reign of 6 kings, followed by President Mohamed Naguib, President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat.

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