Cairo Metro Line 3 - Phase 4B - Egypt

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The project is a joint venture between the Arab Contractors Company (JV Leader) and Orascom for Construction. It is considered the First Egyptian joint venture to execute Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase 4B to benefit from the acquired experience in the field of the metro execution and decrease the relying of the foreign expats. The works of signaling, telecommunication, high voltage stations and electromechanical equipment will be executed by French companies as subcontractors under the supervision of the Egyptian Joint Venture. 

CML 3 Phase 4B consists of 6 overground stations and 7 bridges connecting them. The stations are as follows: El Nozha – Hisham Barakat – Qobaa – Omar ibn El Khatab – Haykesteb – Adly Mansour. The track is 7km approximately. The project has a Gow repairing workshop built upon 65 feddans at its end. 

Adly Mansour station is considered the biggest one in CML3 for its being interchange station built from reinforced concrete, located in a vital site beside the Ring Road and 10th Ramadan Bus Station.

The implementation method of using many piles for a base bearing the bridge body, then a concrete base, columns then hidden beams is replaced with using only a monopile 2.40m diameter – length varied from 35:40m and a column above it with 2m diameter and a length from 12:16m. This method decrease the utilities diversion amount and saving more than 40% of the concrete and the reinforced iron. Regarding the columns construction, a hanged slipform was used instead of the traditional slipform due to the narrow street of Gisr El Suez which is considered one of the main streets crowded with traffic. Precast beams were used in the project by pouring, preparing, transferring and installing the beams among the axis. The length of each precast beam is varied from 30m to 40m and its weight from 75tons to 120tons, there amount are more than 850 beams. The amount of the ordinary and reinforced concrete is up to 220.000m3 and the reinforced iron is 22.300tons. 

The Arab Contractors Company gained a certificate from the Egyptian JV that it has accomplished 5 million and 7 hundreds working hours without injuries and according to the international standards of safety, quality and environment.