Martyr Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel - Egypt

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Value: L.E. 125.953.000
Completion: November 1980
The first underwater tunnel joining the two continents: Africa and Asia, it is considered the second crossing for the Suez Canal.
Total length including entrances is 5912m of which 2288m are open cut for the Western entrance, 1984 meters open cut for the Eastern one and a tunnel of 1640 meters long below the Suez Canal at a depth of 10 meters below the maximum depth of the future projects for the canal which is 27m. Volume of excavation reached 2.5 million cubic meters.
The tunnel is lined with prefabricated concrete rings and a secondary lining with formica sheets.
The tunnel is divided into three parts:
The middle part: a 7.5 meters wide, two ways road and two pavements for control and service.
The lower part: to allow fresh air necessary for ventilation and water and electricity pipes.
The upper part: for exhaust air.