Adly Mansour Interchange Station - Egypt

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Adly Mansour Interchange Station which was implemented through the Arab Contractors Company, one of the specialized national Egyptian companies under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport represented by the National Authority for Tunnels, won the award for the best transport project in the world for the year 2022, according to the international "ENR" magazine. This award is given to the best and most impactful projects on the ground and the extent of their positive contribution to society and the environment.

The station is built on an area of 30 feddans. The service at the station exchanges between five different means of transport: the Light Rail Transit (LRT), the Third Metro Line, Cairo/Suez Railway line, the Superjet Station (Regional Buses), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Adly Mansour/ Cairo International Airport, and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Adly Mansour/ regions parking area.

The station has a parking area for private cars located north of Al Salam Bridge, with a capacity of 260 cars on an area of 4.5 feddans. A VIP parking area is located in front of Adly Mansour station, with a capacity of 100 cars on an area of 1.5 feddans. The station has green areas, sidewalks of 8 feddans, tunnels and passageways to connect the different areas of the station with a length of 500 meters. The station also houses a commercial mall to serve the station and the surrounding area on an area of 6.5 feddans, including a basement (parking area) with a capacity of 600 cars and 2 commercial floors.

The inside of the Adly Mansour station covers a total area of 6 feddans and is fully covered with a metal structure at a height of 23 m. The station includes the main gate and 3 stations below coverage; the third line station of the metro, LRT station and Cairo-Suez railway station. It also includes a main square in the middle of the stations that interconnects them on an area of 7500 m2, a bridge that directly links the electric train station and the metro station, a bridge connecting the electric train station and the Cairo-Suez railway station, a VIP hall with an area of 160 m2 and an upper commercial service area to serve the station covering an area of 1500 m2.

The station also includes; WIFI, self-propelled stairs, elevators for people with disabilities, ATM machines, Electronic Ticket Machines, control room, GPS screens, trip coordination and planning screens, monitoring cameras screens, electric bus charging system screens, as well as a tunnel that connects the station to Adly Mansour station and the parking area north of Al Salam Bridge.

The station covered with a giant canopy with an area of 24,000 m2, which was manufactured and installed by the Manufacturing Sector of the Arab Contractors Company. It is covered with glass and aluminum on a metal structure of steel using about 2,700 tons of steel pipes and based on 50 circular concrete columns, and the height of the glass facade of the interchange station reaches 19 meters.