Assiut Plateau Axis

The axis starts from Western Desert Road to Assiut Ring Road and El Wasta Bridge with the length of 22km. it is considered the 1st road which fully covered with the solar energy, putting in consideration the security and safety factors in the road construction from the beginning in front of Assiut Airport until reaching the ring road. The project width is 33m divided into 2 lanes with a width of 7.5m for each, in addition to a middle island with a width of 12m and 2m on each direction. The road paving includes filling and cutting layers for its sectors on all its tracks in parallel. The excavation quantities reached about 2.5million m3 in the first phase. 
It is a development road more than its being an axis and it is called "roads for urban development"; it is consisting of 3 main areas:

The First area:
The total length is 12km, starting from the airport road which is sharply rugged with a desert nature. The execution process already started.

The complementary area:
It is 6km area parallel with the valley till the start of Darnka torrents.

The Third area:
It is 4km; it starts from the descending from the plateau. The road consists of 4 lanes with the same width and the complete traffic equipment to secure the road.

The Plateau Bridge:
It is within the project of Assiut Plateau Axis Road. It starts from the Ring Road in El Moalmeen behind Assiut Mills and intersection with the railway and Assiut-El Ghanayem Road till reaching kilo 17 in the plateau beside the torrent flow with a length of 1.5km. it starts from the top of the plateau and descending before El Zenar drainage and after the intersection of Assiut-El Ghanayem road. It is linking Assiut city with New Nasser City which the people called Al Aml Plateau.
The project cost reached 457 million EGP. The project includes 702 piles with average length of 30m and 100cm diameter, 113 bases, 113 columns, 47 reinforced concrete spans with an average length of 25m using the box section system, 66 steel spans with a total 4700 tons iron sheets with different thickness (length 1800ml – width 16m) in two directions.

The Western Plateau Project is contributing into a real development (urban, agricultural, economic and touristic) on the land of Assiut Governorate and supporting to solve the housing problems by the construction of 3 communities on its both sides with an area reached 10 times of the current Assiut City, consequently it is contributing into the reduction of the prices of the real estate and housing units. In addition to these contributions, it is supporting the industrial zones and having larger areas for diverse industries. Besides, the preservation of agricultural land, reduction of slums and saving 15km from Assiut City to arrive at Assiut International Airport. It is linking between regional roads network which is the Western Road (Cairo/Sohag-Cairo/El Kharga), the agricultural road, the Eastern Desert Road, Assiut/Red Sea Road and El Geesh Road which contributing in increasing the commercial exchange between the governorates and attracting new investment for the governorate.