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The International Coastal Road (Alexandria - Matrouh)

The construction of an alternate road for the international coastal road extends from the intersection with Wadi El Natroon –Al Alameen until Sidi Abdel Rahman. It is including the construction of a main road with 2 directions; each direction has 5 lanes and its scope of works consists of the embankment, concrete partitions, guiding signs extends for 38km.

The expansion, development and increasing the capacity of the coastal road from the entry of kilo 21 Sidi Kireer until Al Alameen; the construction of a serving lane on both sides of the road to serve the existing entities and increase the road capacity. It is including the excavation works and the use of Geotextile net, fill in with sand and using of foundation layer with thickness 60cm, 3 paving layers, and its total length 14km with 2 directions on the service lane.

The project total value is 810 million EGP.