Belbeis Water Station - Egypt

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The drinking water plant in Belbeis is implemented with a capacity of 2400 liters per second and serves the center and city of Belbeis and its affiliated local units and 50 villages.

More than one million people benefit from it through a network of pipes with a length of 135 km in length, with different diameters from 150 mm to 2000 mm.

The investment cost of the project is 762 million pounds. The station consists of intake on Ismailia Canal, pumps building, turbid and filtered water wells, 4 mixing and purification basins, a building for filters, 2 tanks, a sludge collection building, 2 concentration basins for the soil, a return pit, 4 drying basins for the soil, a chemical building, a building for injection pumps and chlorine storage, in addition to the administration and warehouse buildings, the workshop, electricity and the guard room.

Station area 50000 m2

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