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Al Agamy Integrated Sanitation Project - Egypt

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The project value: L.E. 540,650 million
The project is composed of four phases: The First Phase:
A main lifting station
It includes a main manhole, a feeding building for the phase plates, a transformer building, an emergency transformer room, fuel tanks, a guard room, and a fence.
The second phase includes the station fed from the slope line with a disposal capacity of 4000 m³/sec.
The third phase consists of lifting the wastewater from the station to the water treatment station with a diameter of 1400 mm through 5 vertical pumps (4 main pumps in addition to a reserving pump) and disposing of each pump at 1000 L/Sec.
The fourth phase is about the sewage network works, which include C.V.P.U pipelines 200Km length, diameter ranged between 250 to its countries ranges from 250 mm to 400 mm and a length of piping-glazed pottery of 35 kilometers its countries ranges from 450 mm to 700 mm and a length of concrete pipes is 0.5 kilometers. Its diameter ranges from 700 mm to 1000 mm.

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