Gamagon Village Wastewater Project - Egypt

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Client: Kafr El Sheikh Water Supply and Sanitation Company (KSWSSC).
Consultant of the client:
Engineering Consultants Group ECG.

The project entered service on 5/1/2021, and the work completion certificate was issued on 28/3/2021. New work was requested by the client and is ongoing.
Project components:
First: lifting stations: 10 m-diameter pit+ annexed buildings.
Second: force mains: 6200 m length, diameter 500 mm.
Third: gravity networks: 20,200 m of UPVC pipes with different diameters.
- 550 m of reinforced concrete pipes with a diameter of 700 mm.

Fourth: gravity networks: 10,842 m length of UPVC pipes, diameter 160 mm.

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