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Wastewater Project of Balteem Summer Resort - Egypt

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The project consists of:
First: the lifting substation.
Second: the main lifting station.
Third: the gravity networks.

- The installation of the gravity network is complete, with a length of 25 km of UPVC-HDPE pipes of different diameters.
- An initial handover report for the substation network was prepared on 6/6/2022, with a length of 13,298 m.
- A committee is being identified to receive the main station network, which has a length of 12,000 m.
Fourth: status of the treatment plant units:
Civil works:
-All civil work is complete.
- The implementation of the inlet and filters - aeration tank; final sedimentation basins - sludge concentration basins- chlorination mixing basin - filtered water lifting station - return and excess sludge lifting station - the fence - the administrative building - the electricity transformer building - the warehouse and workshop building - the air blower building - chlorine building - Pipes between the units and the final wastewater treated channel).
Drying basins:
-The completion of 28 drying basins and the first, second, and third layers of filtration were supplied. The fourth and final layer is going to be supplied.
- The foundation layer for the roads inside the station is complete, and the asphalt work is remaining.
- Pavement tiles are installed, and 1000 m2 are remaining.
- The curbstones were installed.
Electromechanical works:
All work has been completed.
The financial offer for the civil defense system was approved by the National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage (NOPWASD) on 5/3/2023, and work began.
- Civil defense networks were accomplished. 
- Civil protection system supplies and installations are finalized.
- Laboratory equipment was supplied.
Status of the remaining electromechanical works in the treatment plant:
Electricity was launched on 8/5/2022, dry operation experiments were conducted, a wet test was conducted for the aeration basins, and the rest of the experiments are being completed.
Fifth: The status of the unserved areas within the urban space in Al-Masif City:
- A request was made to implement new works on 12/10/2021 for some unserved areas within the urban space that are not included in the approved project drawings. - New works have been completed 100%.
A request was made to implement new works on 12/05/2022 for some unserved places within the urban space, with a total area of 2000 m2, and it was completed.

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