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Port Said Tunnels ( 3rd July Tunnels) - Egypt

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Representative of the Owner:  Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces
Consultant: SYSTRA
Contractors: JV of the Arab Contractors Company and Orascom Construction
Project Description:
Two tunnels for cars, the first tunnel from Port Said to Sinai and the other is vice versa. The project objective is to link between Sinai, East of the Suez Canal and Delta. Besides, it facilitates the movement of the passengers and goods from Sinai and having the inspired development for this region in parallel with the development of Sinai and Canal region.
The excavation works started in 2015; it includes 3 phases: planning, installation of the TBM according to the time schedule, its operation and finalizing the excavation works.
·  The total length of the tunnel is 3930m and reached to 4830 by adding the entries and exits; it includes 2 lanes with 3.60m and the maximum depth is 57m under the Suez Canal.
·  The external diameter of the tunnel reached about 12.6m; the internal diameter is 11.4m with a height of 5.5m from the surface level.
·  Diaphragm walls were installed inside the tunnel with a depth of 70m.
·  Installation of 13.000 concrete segments which is considered the main element for padding the body of the tunnel; these segment manufactured in a factory for segment which established in the project.
·  The tunnel has 2 horizontal emergency exits for each 1000m; besides the tunnel has 35 fans in addition to the fans inside the emergency tunnels and the lighting systems which installed according to the international standards.
·  The construction of bridges, culverts and roads to link with the existing roads network.
·  The total excavation quantities are about 1.5 million m3.
·  Total of soil properties improvement amounts in the mobilization area, entrances and exits of the tunnel east and west of the canal 2.9million m3.
·  Total precast concrete for the segments padded the body of the tunnel 140.000m3.
·  Total concrete for the diaphragm walls, entries and exits of the tunnel 365.000m3.
·  Total of iron quantities 110.000 tons.
·  This epic is implemented by 3000 Egyptian workers and engineers under the supervision of the Engineering Authority.
  The Challenges:
·  Carrying out the excavation works in in unstable mud soils successfully by adjusting its properties through adding a mixture of crushed gravel and sand to prepare it for workers and equipment’s transport;

·  Adjusting the tunnel boring machine “TBM” because there is a percentage of methane gas in the soil and freeze the soil to build the horizontal access.