September 1, 2014

The Arab Contractors is Ready for the "Egyptian Dream" by Building 7 Tunnels under Suez Canal

Within the cooperation framework between the Housing and Transport ministries in the execution of the mega projects especially in the development of the new Suez Canal which will be a real positive transformation point in the national economy, refreshing for the Egyptian companies and provide job opportunities to eradicate the unemployment all these are the outcome of the political stability currently in Egypt.
Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman stated that the Arab Contractors company is ready for contributing in achieving the “Egyptian Dream”, will carry out 7 tunnels under the Suez Canal for cars and trains: 3 tunnels under Port Said and another 4 in Ismailia. Following the instructions of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to include the tunnels project within the New Suez Canal Project to develop the Canal region and its surrounding governorate, linking Delta governorates with Sinai to serve the development project of Suez Canal. Prime Minister took a decision to form a permanent executive committee to follow-up and supervise the project. The committee involves representative from Defense Ministry, Engineering Authority of the Defense Ministry to be the committee reporter and representatives for the Transport Ministry from the National Authority for Tunnels, the Arab Contractors Company and Orascom for Construction and Industries.
Eng. Mohsen Salah declared that it is a giant project…as for the tunnels depth reached 48m, the length of each tunnel is 3187m, inlet and outlet 364m, 10.80m diameter, 2-lanes 3.75m width for each one. Besides, the depth for the trains tunnel reached 48m, 6705m length, inlet and outlets 960m length from each side, in addition to 5 manholes for conditioning. The Arab Contractors company will carry out the excavation works till the arrival of the huge drilling machines to start the works immediately for 24 hours daily according to the international standard in tunnels construction.
It is noteworthy that the Arab Contractors has a great prequalification in the execution of tunnels projects such as: Martyr Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel under Suez Canal, Greater Cairo Metro, Al Azhar Tunnels and other tunnels of: Martyr Abdel Monaim Riad – Al Orouba – Al Thawra – Al Galaa.