Al-Jahra Road Project - Kuwait

The Owner: Ministry of Public Works
The Consultant: Louis Berger Group Inc., in JV with Pan Arab Consulting Engineer
The Contractor:The Arab Contractors Co. and the Kuwait Arab Contactors Ltd. Co.
Scope of Work: upgrading the road to the standard specifications of highway according to the latest international standards.
It separates the transit traffic from local traffic through free intersections. Besides; the abolition of most of the traffic signals, and to separate pedestrian traffic from vehicular traffic.
Project Facts & Figures:
• Total length of Al - Jahra Road Project: 11.24km
• Total length of the vertical roads on Al - Jahra Road Project: 3.42km
• Total length of the Junctions and ramps: 17.31km
• Total length of the service road: 15.14km
• Number of the free intersection: 5
• Number of the roundabouts: 7
The project is divided into 5 sequential phases:
1st phase: includes a tunnel in Al-Jahra Street beneath the 2nd ring road in addition to the surface works.
2nd phase: the surface works from the project eastern borders and upper road till the intersection of the Hospital Street and the upper road in the Hospital Street and junctions JRA, JRB, JRC, JRD, JRE, JRF, HRA & HRB
3rd phase: the upper road after the hospital intersection till the intersection of Ghazali Street
4th phase: the upper road from the Airport Street till the west of Ghazali Street intersection; and the upper road in the Hospital Street and junctions JRN, JRM & ARA
5th phase: the east and west of Ghazali Street and the upper road in Ghazali Street and junctions JRK, JRL, GRA, GRB & GRC

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