November 18, 2014

Eng. Mohsen Salah, AC Chairman Praised the Workers' Performance in Kuwait

During his visit to AC Branch in Kuwait, Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman praised the performance of the company workers in both of Al Jahraa Road Development (work performance rate reached 71%) and Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Hospital (work performance rate reached 69%). The work progress is compatible with the time schedule; therefore it will be delivered by the end of 2014. Concerning the work performance rate of the structural works, as follows: 81% of the piles; 74% of bridges bases; 73% of the pillars and 69% of columns caps. Regarding the structural works in the tunnel; 76% of the piles were accomplished, beside the installation of 39% of the bridges parts using travelling crane, in addition to the manufacturing of 59% of the bridge parts in the casting area which is 150.000m² in Doha area. The work performance rate of the transmission, utilities and services development reached advanced amount that is 96% of the power transmission lines are accomplished, 77% of the phone lines, 75% water pipelines, 35% of rain drainage and 30% of the drainage.
AC Chairman, Eng. Reda Rabiaa – CEO of the Kuwaiti Arab Contractors and Eng. Hossam Fayed – Project Manager of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Hospital toured the whole project. The dental clinics building have been accomplished; the outpatient clinics work performance reached 96%. 
Eng. Awny Mansour – Deputy Project Manager declared that all the concrete works is implemented; the finishing works are on progress (work performance rate reached 69%) which includes: buildings works, painting, flooring, isolation works and electromechanics. He stated that the works is progressed according to its schedule and will be done by the end of 2015. 

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