December 1, 2013

Minister of Housing Visited Kuwait to Support the Bilateral Investment Opportunities ... AC is Executing Projects Worth 600 Million KWD

Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab - Minister of Housing and Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman visited Kuwait and met with the Kuwaiti Ministers of Public Works and Housing to discuss the bilateral investment opportunities.
Eng. Mahlab – The Minister of Housing expressed his admiration of the Kuwait and Kuwaiti nation, praising their efforts to support Egypt. Besides; he stated that the Egyptian do not forget anyone support them in the hard times.
Eng. Mahlab stated that his visit to Kuwait has many objectives. First, acquiring business opportunities for the Egyptian contracting companies, consulting offices and workers. Besides, the following-up of the executed works by the Arab contractors Company in Kuwait, the work amount of the company work around 600 million KWD which is the mega workdone value executed by AC abroad. Eng. Mahlab stressed that one of his responsibilities as a Housing Minister supervising the AC to follow up its projects progress especially when it is related to the current development phase in Kuwait in the services field such as: the hospital project – Jahraa Road. He asserted that the Ac will execute these projects on time and according to the highest standard of quality.
In addition to these, Eng. Mahlab said that we are exporting the Egyptian workers now according to the new slogan of "training for working", that we trained our workers on different crafts, working cultures, behaviours and respect. Each worker will be as an ambassador of Egypt. Moreover, we are working to have a mutual cooperation between the Egyptian National Center for Building and Housing Researches and the Kuwaiti Researches Center. Besides, the involvement of the Egyptian consulting offices which is one of our supporting forces.

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