EL Haramain High speed Rail Bridge - Saudi Arabia

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This bridge allows the railway link to cross over several existing roads .
The project consists of:
Construction of (13) multi span large bridges linking Makkah & Madinah length ranges from 65m to 1000m as well as underground tunnels. It consists of 2 parallel structures carrying double and single tracks .The span arrangement is 15 spans with a total length of 490m (single track axis), prestressing of deck consists of 12 cables (single track) and 16 cables (double track).
The company's scope of work includes excavation , backfill , insulation , concrete, and steel work.
The work from El Madina to Mekkah has a length of 46 km (Station 400).

Value: 39,055,069 US$
Completion Date: 2011