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Reconstruction of the "Youth of Egypt Exhibition" in Beni Suef - Egypt

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Client: Central Agency for Reconstruction - Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities   The Arab Contractors Company is carrying out restoration and repair work on the "Youth of Egypt Exhibition" in Beni Suef, which was exposed to a devastating fire. The waste and rubble resulting from the fire were evacuated, as it was found that the fire destroyed about 100 shops in the market. The company moved the teams and equipment to the exhibition site, and the survey was done to speed up the implementation process, in parallel with the removal of fire waste and the preparation of the engineering design of the exhibition's components, in which it will be re-planned to accommodate all affected people according to an integrated design commensurate with the quality of commercial activities in the exhibition, with emphasis on the availability of all occupational security and safety requirements and civil protection systems.