El-Dekhila Port - Alexandria - Egypt

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One of the major port development projects in Egypt. It is located along the Mediterranean Coast in Alexandria and is built to accommodate trade. The project included the construction of the quays, breakwater, dredging the navigation channel and all the associated necessary works.
General Goods Quays:
Value: L.E. 105.5 million
Completion: March 1990
Four commercial marine quays, total length 1550 meters on depths of 12, 14 and 15 meters, suitable or receiving ships of general goods.
Precast concrete blocks were used in the quay walls, with weights ranging from 70 to 90 tons.
The coping beam on the quay, 1.9 meters high, has stairs, bollards, 120 – 150 tons, and fenders type T.T.V.
Raw Materials Naval Quay:
Value: L.E. 55.3 million
Completion: September 1987
A naval quay equipped to receive ships of iron ore. It is 630 meters long, width is 40 meters. It has two gantry cranes, each with the capacity of 1000 – 1500 tons / hour to unload the iron ore from the ships on two belt conveyors, the capacity of each is 3000 tons / hour. The iron is stored in the garner yard, then transferred to the factory of reinforcing steel in Dekheila.
The quay is 14, 21 and 24 meters deep and its wall is composed of 44 cylindrical caissons of reinforced concrete, the diameter is 15 meters, the walls are 40 centimeters thick, the bottom is 60 centimeters thick, and the heights are 15, 21 and 25 meters. On the Eastern (opposite) side of the quay, a marine protection was formed by rocks of graded weights and by concrete blocks as it is designed as a breakwater for the harbor.
Garner Yard for Iron Ore:
Value: L.E. 9.7 million
Completion: March 1990
An area of 147 x 750 meters to garner imported iron ore which is transferred from the raw materials quay by a main belt conveyor. Then the iron is transferred by two secondary belt conveyors to the iron factory. The garner is provided with drainage, fire and road networks.
Value: L.E. 28.5 million
Completion: December 1985
2.25 kilometers long, an embankment composed of limestone and protected by concrete blocks: 2, 4, 13 and 26 cubic meters, each distributed according to the depths and above the embankment there are crown blocks and a copping beam of 7.5 meters wide and 1 meter thick.
The head of the embankment is 60 meters long of a conical shape end of a diameter of 24 meters, at its end, there is a beacon 10 meters high, to guide the ships.