Al Arish Port - Egypt

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Client: Department of Military Engineers - Armed ForcesEngineering Authority.
Consultant: Modern Engineering Consultant Office (MECO) –(Dr. Hamdy El Kamhawy).
Date of Contract: 13/4/2022.
Contract Value: LE 400 million.

Project components:
1- A dock consisting of a sector of pipes and curtains with a depthof 25 meters, a back connecting beam, and piles with a length of 17 metersconnected to metal formwork for the front sidewalk wall, backfill layers, andconcrete slabs up to +2.50 level.
2- A breakwater with a length of 500 meters consisting of dolomitestones of varying weights (5 kg, 3 tons) up to the design level and concreteblocks (Tetrapods) of different weights (2, 10 tons).

3- The main western breakwater with a length of 1250 meters, which is abreakwater with a length of 1250 meters consisting of dolomite stones ofvarying weights (10 kg: 5 tons) with depths up to (-11.70 meters) up to thedesign level and concrete blocks (Tetrapods) of different weights (3, 16) tons.

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