New Damietta University

The Arab Contractors Company is carrying out the different construction works of New Damietta University. The works include the Auditorium, lecture halls, the International Law Faculty (6000m2), faculties of Engineering, Computers and Information Technology; and the wall of New Mansoura University‎ with 3.8km length.
The halls building was inaugurated, it includes a ground floor, 3 typical floors (3000m for each floor) with a total of 40 lecture halls which accommodate 60 students. Besides, the building includes 40 classrooms each one accommodates 60 students. The building comprises 62 staff offices.
The auditorium building was inaugurated as well; it includes a ground floor, 2 typical floors (5000m for each floor) with a total of 30 auditoriums; in addition to 20 staff offices. Thus, the total capacity of the 2 buildings accommodates 10000 students.
Currently, there are 4 auditoriums under construction; their capacity is 4000 students. In addition to the infrastructures works which includes the landscaping for 200 feddans. The implemented works include 15km of drainage network with a varied diameter 150-600mm; 10km water network, 10km irrigation network and 7km fire-fighting network. Besides, the implementation of 10000m of interlocks, 6000m grass and 16000m asphalt works and setting up of the permanent electric current.