Massaguet - Massakory Road Project

First: The scope of work:
1- The construction of the hot asphalt 5 cm thickness for 71.5 km length and 7 m. width in addition to 1.50 m. road shoulders on each side from a single layer of cold asphalt.
2- There are occasional industrial works, consisting of: pipelines 1 m and the installation of concrete drainage on both sides of the road inside Massakory.
Second: The Project Site:
1- The project is on the North-Eastern of Chad, starting from Massaguet (85 km distance from N'Djamena).
2- The road ending at Massakory is in the east and along the road to Libya.
3- The road ending could be accessed through feet roads on the ongoing main road, there are 2 feet roads on the right and left side and in a good condition.
Third: General Description:
1- Filling, insulation and paving works according to the designed sectors.
2- There are several filling layers, 20cm thickness for each layer and average 2 layers for the road partition.
3- 20cm sub-base installed with cement.
4- 20mm, 15com thickness and 10 ml base layer (resulting from the breakers).
5- A layer of hot asphalt 5 cm thickness and 7m width 1.5m cold asphalt road shoulders from each side.

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