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We are participating in most of the national projects according to the defined time schedule and the highest quality standards

The Parliament Building in the New Administrative Capital - Egypt

The Parliament Building in the New Administrative Capital is built upon 126000m, it consists of the main building, the service building and the landscape works includes the fences, internal roads and the green areas......

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The Arab Contractors Company is the Best Visionary International Building and Housing Construction ...

Arab Contractors Magazine

The magazine is issued by the Arab Contractors Company which aiming at the development of the culture and acknowledging all the executed mega projects implementing of the company in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. It is a distinguished magazine in its content with varied and different topics. It is an important source of information in the field of building and construction.

To learn more about AC Magazine, it is available online or in the form of an electronic book (Flash) and in (PDF) format to download.


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