Mit Ghamr Grain Silos - Dakahlia - Egypt

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The project is a grain storage silo consisting of 12 cells with a total storage capacity of 60,000 tons, located on an area of ??3 acres. It also contains (11) annex buildings, fences and coordination works for the public site.

Location : Mit Ghamr City - Dakahlia Governorate
Donor: The United Arab Emirates
Executing Authority: Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces - Military Works Department
Beneficiary: Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade / Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage
Project Consultant: Ecogym Engineering Consulting Office
Executing Company: The Arab Contractors Company (Osman Ahmed Othman)

The silo is a facility equipped to store and circulate grains for long periods and without waste, in a mechanical way that achieves the most appropriate method for storing and circulating grains, which is one of the most important strategic commodities for countries. It also achieves a strategic stock for countries for long periods of time, which helps in achieving food security and the independence of political decision for the state.

The system, which is implemented in the project, was chosen from among the different storage systems for grain, in order to comply with the conditions and needs of the Arab Republic of Egypt at the present time, to achieve the project’s goal in the fastest time and at the lowest material cost, without neglecting to take into account the highest methods and techniques of silo construction in the world.

Two models have been adopted for the implementation of silos in this project according to the nature and conditions of each site and the Mit Ghamr silos with which the model fits, model 3×4