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The tourist promenade and Al Lessan area in Ras El Bar - Egypt

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The development project of the sea corniche and tourist promenade in Al Lessan area, Ras El Bar, achieves comprehensive development of this important tourist spot in Ras El Bar. The development work includes strengthening the northern submersible breakwater in the gulf region and the construction of a sea barrier 420 meters and a sea wall 420 meters along the corniche to protect the beach. 
The project includes the construction of the main restaurant courtyard with a total area of 5,200 m2, which is “a courtyard made of granite formations with an area of 2,000 m2, and green areas and trees, in addition to the establishment of an upper courtyard with “ramps” for people of determination, the main staircase, and the restaurant built upon 200 m.
The project also includes an outdoor square as well as the construction of a theater with a capacity of 750 people overlooking the main corniche, which is located on an area of 7,000 m2 and includes green areas, complete facilities, and decorative seats, in addition to a bicycle path with a length of 700 m surrounding the squares of the corniche. Besides; the construction of canopies and decorative furnishings, an irrigation network, agricultural work and green areas, feeding and drainage networks, rain drainage networks, parking areas, and food trucks.