Pico Church

Pico project was implemented within 12 months with a total cost of 9,250,000 US$ approx. It is included the design and construction of Basila's Statue, fresco, Pico Church, monk’s house, public services building and access roads. The church is designed as a crucifixion with a total area of 300 m2 and accommodates up to 150 persons. The church is distinguished by the several artistic works internally and externally which represented in the design and implementation of art drawings inside the dome which narrates the story of Jesus Christ and the windows of stained glass with artistic drawings and wooden seats. In addition to these, there are marble and wood statues for Jesus Christ and Lady Basila. Besides, the marble and granite floors, wooden doors decorated with motifs of Christian art, implementation of the exterior facades of the Church with GRC coating, pillars from GRC and installation of chandeliers and Wall Sconces inside the church. As for the statue of Lady Basila carrying her baby, its height is 7.50m. This statue was carried out of marble manufactured with corian. The statue is decorated with stainless halos on a base of marble and granite. Around this statue there is a fresco showing the story Christ’s life. It is surrounded by floors of marble and granite with motifs and artistic drawings. There are 2 pergolas with seats for visitors. The project included the construction of a villa as a residence for the monk 300m from the church, consisting of a ground floor and first floor with a total area 180m approx. the public service building was implemented (cafeteria and toilets) beside the church and annexed bya small ambulance point for emergencies. Besides, the implementation of asphalt access road with a total length 1500m2, landscaping, green areas and car park.