Ministry of Defence - Kigali - Rwanda

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- The project has a total area of 43,000 m².
- This building consists of a basement, ground floor and 3 typical floors (7200m for each floor) surrounded by landscaped grounds.
- The main basement is mediated by a cafeteria building for fast food. The building includes a multipurpose conventions hall with a capacity of 350 people and equipped with the latest technologies for display, interpretation and lighting systems.
- The building is equipped with 8 conference rooms, all with state of the art sound systems, display and Internet connections. Besides, auto-extinguishers system and high-level finishing that all its floors are luxury ceramics imported from Egypt. It's equipped with hanging ceilings, 6 elevators, a telephone network and Internet connections protected by an electric immediate feed grid UPS, a major power plant containing a transformer, electric plates and a 350 kva generator to feed important parts of the building.
- The building is also surrounded by a fence with 4 gates, 4 guard towers and waiting areas accommodate 350 cars.
- It is a self-executing project included carpentry, blacksmith, casting, buildings and bleaching of facades, isolation of surfaces, toilets, all pre-casting work and iron créteil workshop using the modern formwork system that allows for the speed of the dismantling and installation (Drop Head Shoring System).

- Total Value: 27 USD Million
- Financed by Ministry of Finance of Rwanda
- Starting Date: 1st July, 2000
- Completion Date:10th May, 2005