December 20, 2023

AC implements Hassab Allah El Kafrawy Axis Extension Bridge on Maadi Corniche

Eng. Hossam El Din El Rifi - Senior Vice-Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, inspected the Hassab Allah El Kafrawy Axis Extension, during which the company is implementing a bridge on Maadi Corniche with a length of about 1,200 meters to connect Cairo to Giza, and to shorten access to the Misr-Assiut Agricultural Road. The Senior Vice Chairman listened to an explanation from Eng. Heba Abu Al Ela –Board Member of the Arab Contractors Company, about the importance of the project and reported on the project’s sectors. He witnessed the ongoing work, including deep foundation work. During the visit, Eng. Hossam El Din El Rifi stressed the importance of adhering to safety and occupational health in the project and taking it into consideration as one of the most important factors for the success of the project. He also emphasized commitment to the time schedule and working on all axes and sectors of the project in parallel to ensure speedy performance and completion. This was in the presence of Eng. Ayman Abdo – Executive Board Member, Eng. Youssef Hassan - Sector Head and Manager of Foundation Department, Eng. Sameh El Laqani – Manager of Bridges and Specialized Structures Department, Eng. Khaled Nassar - Deputy Manager of Bridges Department, and Eng. Hani Khalil – Manager of the Engineering Department for Transportation Projects. It is worth noting that the new bridge is being implemented by the Arab Contractors Company under the supervision of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, Department of Military Engineers. Its total length, including the entries and exits, is 1,617 meters. It consists of an eastern side with a length of 71 meters and a width of 52 meters; a bridge over the Nile with a length of 400 meters and a width of 52 meters; the top of the island is 210 meters long and 52 meters wide; and a western side is 458 meters long and 46 to 52 meters wide. It includes three navigation slots, the largest of which is 130 meters long, in addition to a steel span 58 meters long and 52 meters wide and two ramps: an entry 190 meters long and an exit 230 meters long and 12 meters wide.